What’s a good girl to do when everything she believes about herself, the world, and faith…completely changes?

Write about it.

Welcome to A Good Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse.

After spending most of my life in (and working for) conservative evangelicalism, I’m now working on detoxing from high-control religion, embracing queer joy, and being less scared of…everything.

It’s been so helpful on my own wild journey to find words that articulate my inner thoughts (especially words I could share when I was too exhausted to try and sort out my own), and to feel a little less alone on the world. I hope to offer both these things to you.

In short, I’ll be sharing all my existential ruminations, current sanity-preserving pursuits, and book recs (because…books). Think less self-help advice and more like a conversation between friends over coffee/tea where I tell you all the thoughts swirling in my head. But with more time to sort out my words and without the pressure of having to say them in real time to another human’s face. And the reassurance of an edit button if I say something stupid.

(Can you see why I’m a writer and not a public speaker?)

So if you like talking about serious topics with a side of humor (and a few well-placed cuss words), finding pockets of joy in the chaotic dumpster fire that is our current world, or you just feel like smashing the patriarchy…I hope you’ll come along.

Forget hot girl summer, it’s time for good girl* apocalypse.

(*or boy or non-binary)

What you can expect

In each post you’ll find my personal thoughts, experience, and research on a particular topic related to current culture, detoxing from high-control religion, and where those two things overlap + a list of the stuff (books, movies, music, and miscellaneous curiosities) bringing me joy and healing in the midst of the chaos.

As much as I would love to commit to a regular weekly/biweekly schedule of dropping into your inbox, if I’m being honest, this is probably going to be a “surprise and delight” situation (at least for now). While I can’t promise you a predictable delivery date, I can promise that when a post goes out, it’s because I actually have something to say, and not just because I’m trying to meet some standard for “success.” I hope each edition meets you at the perfect point in time. (And thanks for reading and subscribing!)

About the author

The professional stuff…

I was raised in conservative Christianity and spent much of my life serving and working in evangelical spaces, including 5 years on staff (in both a creative and pastoral position) for a multi-site, celebrity-pastored church. Now, I mostly write for a living (a much better and healthier gig!) as a copywriter/content developer for a small creative agency. I’m also an agented fiction author on the emotionally-fraught journey of pursuing traditional publication.

The fun stuff…

When all the other kindergarteners wanted to be zookeepers and astronauts, I wanted to be a writer. (Okay, so I also wanted to be a zookeeper/veterinarian/anything involving animals, but books were always my first love.) Along with a good book, I think tea and baked goods should be a requisite part of each day. When I’m not reading or writing, you’ll find me…still at home, snuggling with my spouse and cats, listening to my two teenagers expound on their latest nerdy obsessions, and overthinking everything (including this bio).

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A consummate good girl’s thoughts on recovering from toxic religion and living life in this chaotic dumpster fire of a world. Let’s scream into the void together, shall we?


Writer and occasional artist, super into books, tea, and detoxing from high-control religion. If you need me, I’ll be in the corner overthinking everything (including this bio). she/her